Tested: Is ExpressVPN a good VPN for unblocking Netflix?

Most sites lists ExpressVPN as one of the top options for Netflix, but how many international libraries does it really unblock? Find out the results of our tests here.

Image: Tomas Mazowski
Updated: January 24, 2024

At Flixboss, we regularly test the most popular VPN services on the market. Our objective is to create a reliable and honest database of VPNs that work with Netflix, including up-to-date information about which country libraries they can successfully unblock.

Does ExpressVPN Unlock Netflix?

Today’s VPN in question is ExpressVPN, quite an old and established VPN known for its intuitive user interface and emphasis on providing great connection speeds, regardless of where you live.

While it's frequently listed as one of the top VPNs for Netflix on many review sites, is this reputation deserved? Based on our findings, yes! ExpressVPN works really well with Netflix and unblocks all of the most important catalogs. Out of over 40 countries we tested, ExpressVPN managed to unblock a total of 14 international libraries. Read on to discover exactly which ones.

ExpressVPN at a glance

Badge: VPN recommended by Flixboss
Rating 4.5 / 5.0 4.5 / 5.0 4.5 / 5.0 4.5 / 5.0 4.5 / 5.0
Price, monthly plan: $12.95 / month
Price, 6 month plan: $9.99 / month
Price, 12 month plan: $6.67 / month
Limit on number of devices: 8 devices
Free trial / Money-back Guarantee: Yes, 30 days
Unblocks American Netflix: Yes
Tomas Mazowski ExpressVPN is an excellent choice for streaming Netflix. It unblocks all of the most important Netflix libraries and many of the smaller ones.

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Does ExpressVPN Work With Netflix?

The short answer is "yes", but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Before installing anything on our computer, we usually begin by contacting customer support to get their opinion (guess?) on how many Netflix libraries their app should be able to unblock. The idea is to compare this information with our own findings later on.

In this case, ExpressVPN were somewhat guarded in their response. They did not provide an exact number or list of countries, and merely suggested that "most of the most important Netflix catalogs" should be accessible.

This does not give us much to go on, and we usually prefer a more specific reply to this question, but ExpressVPN has a great reputation and at least their customer service reps were confident in their Netflix unblocking abilities. With that as our starting point, we went ahead and downloaded the application, ready to start running through our list of countries.

How we test VPN services for compatibility with Netflix We employ a simple testing methodology, aiming to replicate the actions of an average user without resorting to elaborate measures or complex solutions.

The VPN service being examined is installed on our Windows machine, and we use Chrome to determine its ability to unblock Netflix across a list of countries with a diverse collection of movies and series. This list, comprising around 40 countries, remains consistent across all VPN services that we test. For each country on the list, we establish a connection to the VPN and stream a movie or series from Netflix that is accessible in the tested country but not in our current location (Sweden). When Netflix detects VPN usage, we attempt to connect through another server within the same country, often multiple servers are available, or seek help from customer service. Countries where Netflix is successfully unblocked are indicated with a green checkmark, while those where it remains blocked are marked with a red cross.

Does ExpressVPN unlock the largest and most important Netflix libraries?

The main libraries are the ones that we consider most crucial for the VPN to grant access to – in other words, the libraries that house the newest, most popular and best titles.

France Unblocked
Germany Unblocked
Japan Unblocked
United Kingdom Unblocked
United States Unblocked

ExpressVPN unlocks all of the most important Netflix libraries. During our testing, we successfully connected to and unblocked Netflix in all of the most popular Netflix regions. Furthermore, each of these countries offered multiple server locations, with a minimum of three in each, ensuring that if we saw that one server was blocked (or delivered slow speeds), we could easily switch to another. The number of alternative servers in every location is an important factor, because Netflix keeps an eye on traffic and occasionally blocks servers associated with VPN providers. It's not uncommon to have to experiment with different servers until you find one that works, even when using the top-tier VPN options.

How many other Netflix regions does ExpressVPN unlock?

This list includes all countries that are not one of the main regions tested above. Here you can typically access more specialized or locally-relevant content.

Argentina Remains blocked
Australia Unblocked
Austria Remains blocked
Belgium Remains blocked
Brazil Unblocked
Bulgaria Remains blocked
Canada Unblocked
Chile Remains blocked
Colombia Remains blocked
Croatia Remains blocked
Czechia Remains blocked
Denmark Remains blocked
Estonia Remains blocked
Finland Remains blocked
Greece Remains blocked
Hong Kong Unblocked
Hungary Remains blocked
India Unblocked
Ireland Remains blocked
Israel Remains blocked
Italy Unblocked
Latvia Remains blocked
Lithuania Remains blocked
Malaysia Remains blocked
Mexico Remains blocked
Netherlands Remains blocked
New Zealand Remains blocked
Norway Remains blocked
Philippines Remains blocked
Poland Unblocked
Portugal Remains blocked
Romania Remains blocked
Singapore Remains blocked
Slovakia Remains blocked
Slovenia Remains blocked
South Africa Remains blocked
South Korea Unblocked
Spain Unblocked
Sweden Remains blocked
Switzerland Remains blocked
Taiwan Remains blocked
Thailand Remains blocked
Turkey Remains blocked
Ukraine Remains blocked

ExpressVPN unlocked 9 other regions besides the primary locations. Most notably, we managed to unlock the Spanish and Australian catalogs, both of which are known to house popular local titles that aren’t available elsewhere. Being able to unblock Netflix Canada was also a positive surprise, since other VPNs usually struggle with this library.

We did not manage to unblock Indian Netflix, which hosts a great deal of Hindi and local TV shows and movies (including exclusive Bollywood content), which is not available elsewhere.

In any case, unless you are looking for a very specific region, you’ll be more than happy with the number of libraries that ExpressVPN unlocks. It unlocks one of the highest number of Netflix libraries of the VPNs that we have tested, and you’ll be able to watch most shows without any issues.

Verdict: ExpressVPN is an excellent VPN for Netflix

ExpressVPN performed very well in our tests, as it allowed us to unblock and access all of the most important Netflix libraries along with nine other regions, making it 14 international libraries unblocked in total. We had to switch servers within the same country a couple of times, but all in all we found that reliability in unblocking Netflix was high.

In terms of price, their monthly subscription rates are comparable to those of competitors with similar functionality. The discount that you get if you go for a longer subscription is not as high as some other VPNs, but on the other hand they throw in 3 months extra free with their yearly subscription (which is their longest option).

To conclude, is ExpressVPN a good VPN for Netflix? Absolutely! Having tested most VPNs available, we confidently rank ExpressVPN among our top three recommended VPNs for Netflix streaming.

Our rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

If you want to try ExpressVPN for free, take advantage of their 30-day trial period. Sign up for a regular subscription, and within the first 30 days, you can contact customer service, cancel your plan (no questions asked), and receive a full refund.

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